30 October-1 November 2018 | Hilton Amsterdam

Helmut Kurth

Helmut Kurth


Helmut Kurth has been working in the area of information security for more than 25 years. His professional experience includes the development of the German IT Security Evaluation Criteria in 1989, participation in the development of the European criteria (ITSEC/ITSEM), and contributions to the development of the US Federal Criteria and the Common Criteria. Helmut Kurth has been involved in security evaluations of IT products since 1988 and has evaluation experience ranging from smart cards to mainframe operating systems. He is working as the chief scientist and Common Criteria lab director of atsec information security in Austin, Texas, USA.

Presentations by Helmut Kurth

Why Composite Evaluations Fail (A13a)

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Ballroom A