19-20 October 2021 | Virtual Conference and Vendor Showcase

Covid-19 Update

Update 15 June, 2021 — ICCC21 TO BE PRESENTED VIRTUALLY, 19-20 OCTOBER

In consultation with the ICCC program committee and the common criteria community, it has been decided that ICCC21 will again be presented as a fully virtual event. This decision has been taken in response to the continuing meeting and travel restrictions due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. While organizers had hoped to incorporate a live meeting component into this year’s event, it has become clear that many key stakeholders would not be able to travel or participate. Recently, both the CCDB and the CCUF have decided that their meetings, which take place in conjunction with ICCC, would be held virtually. These decisions meant that representatives from national schemes and the CC standards working groups would not be present for a live event, greatly reducing the value of live participations for others onsite. In a survey of previous participants, 62% indicated that they were uncertain about or definitely not attending ICCC in person. For participants outside of Europe, 83% were uncertain about or definitely not attending ICCC in person.

Given progress against against the pandemic, and a lifting of global restrictions, ICCC will return to a live format in Spain in the Fall of 2022.

Update 21 April, 2021 — ICCC21 TO BE PRESENTED AS A HYBRID EVENT, 19-21 OCTOBER 

In consultation with the ICCC program committee and the common criteria community, ICCC21 will presented 19-21 October at the Eurostars Palacio Buenavista, Toledo, Spain. ICCC will be presented as a hybrid (webcast and live) event. Speakers and attendees will have the option to participate live on site, or remotely by webcast. The safety of our participants is always our first concern–ICCC will follow ECDC safe meeting guidelines.

The survey of last year’s ICCC attendees showed that the vast majority (over 75%) wanted to return to a live event. Given the steady decline in Covid infections and the increase in the pace of vaccination, a return to a live event format is now scheduled for the early fall. For those who are unable to attend in person (for any reason) attendance via the web will be possible. Speakers will be able to make presentations via the web as well.

Update 2 August, 2020 — ICCC20 TO BE PRESENTED VIRTUALLY

We’ve been in close conversation with the CCDB and the CCUF about plans for ICCC. Current restrictions prevent travel from many countries to Europe, and meeting restrictions at the hotel would severely limit the number of attendees. For these reasons, it will not be possible to hold ICCC as a face-to-face event in Spain. In discussion with the ICCC program committee, these are the plans for moving forward:

ICCC20 will be presented as a virtual event, taking place online 16-18 November, 2020. ICCC20 Virtual will include live speaker presentations, Q&A, and opportunities for networking, sponsor branding, sponsor presentations, and virtual booths. We will follow up with details. We will return to a live ICCC event in the fall of 2021 to take place in Toledo, Spain if progress against the virus permits. We’ve had many, many requests to make ICCC virtual and we expect a high level of participation given the coming changes in common criteria, and the pent up demand from the extended quarantine.