4-6 November | Sheraton Grand Doha, Qatar

10 Years DBMS (i)TC—The Past, the Present, the Cloud (U31c)

10 Years DBMS (i)TC—The Past, the Present, the Cloud (U31c)

As many authorities and regulated industries have published guidelines emphasizing the importance of defense-in-depth and reliance on database security, the security of a Database Management System (DBMS) holds great relevance to enterprise security needs in both the private and public sectors. Furthermore, the evolving nature of private and public sector enterprise security, particularly in relation to cloud computing, adds to the dynamic landscape.

To address these industry and government needs, the DBMS technical community was initially formed in 2013 and has been operating as the DBMS iTC since 2018. The DBMS iTC has actively worked towards fulfilling these requirements. They have applied for certification of the developed cPP (Collaborative Protection Profile) within the Spanish scheme, and have received a positive verdict, indicating successful compliance. Additionally, a major DBMS vendor has initiated two product certifications within the Spanish scheme, leveraging the cPP and the associated Supporting Document (SD).

The DBMS iTC maintains close communication with the CC in the Cloud Technical Working Group (TWG) to ensure that future certified DBMS solutions can be seamlessly deployed in cloud environments without compromising CC certification principles.

As an active iTC, the DBMS community continues to hold regular meetings and provides support to the wider CCRA (Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement) community.

In this talk, the speakers will provide a brief history of the DBMS iTC community, highlighting their past accomplishments and the rationale behind their actions. They will also discuss ongoing activities and initiatives, shedding light on the current endeavors. Furthermore, they will explore potential future directions and goals of the community.