15-17 November 2022 | Toledo, Spain

Hardcopy Devices iTC Update (U03d)

19 Oct 2021
7:30 pm-7:50 pm

Hardcopy Devices iTC Update (U03d)

Hardcopy Devices international Technical Community (HCD iTC) is a technical community to facilitate an efficient procurement of hardcopy devices using the Common Criteria methodology for information technology security evaluation. Recently, HCD iTC has developed the new Hardcopy Devices collaborative Protection Profile (HCD cPP) and distributed the draft for public review to solicit comments and harmonize the security specification and evaluation of Hardcopy Devices. The HCD cPP is expected to be published in 2022.

This presentation will introduce the efforts and challenges to enable the creation of useful, realistic, internationally-recognized protection profile and supporting document.

Collaboration is very important in the operation of iTC. This presentation will take a look at the recent technical issues and collaboration with many iTCs (e.g. DSC iTC, Network iTC, FDE iTC), WGs (e.g. Team Tools WG, CCRA Crypto WG), and schemes. Especially, this presentation includes the technical recommendation and proposal on how CCRA and EUCC can utilize the deliverables of HCD iTC.