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ISO/IEC 15408:2022 Moving Forward (L20b)

ISO/IEC 15408:2022 Moving Forward (L20b)

1. ISO/IEC 15408:2022, ISO/IEC 18045:2022

2. Collaboration between ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27/WG 3 and the CCRA

3. CC Roadmap: PWI 19562 “Investigation of the feasibility and implementation of changes to ISO/IEC 15408 and ISO/IEC 18045”

a. Restructuring and simplification of ISO/IEC 15408, ISO/IEC 18045

b. Refactoring of AVD class, Enhancement of ALC scope and APE aspects

c. Technical improvements for future revisions from CCUF

d. Improving the attack-based evaluation approach and the definition of assurance packages